Traffic conversion software

King Kong Media develops high quality software systems to optimize traffic conversion.

The unique setup of the systems will maximize profits and minimize workload. The software systems optimize the process of gaining, converting and retaining clients and give information to monitor and tweak promotion.

The Affiliate Webmasters program

increases your income by promoting our dating websites. Just promote your referral URL and when a visitor clicks your link and generates turnover, you will get your percentage! Our highly converting websites can earn a lot of cash for you as affiliate. The wide range of promotional tools gives you the possibility to increase the traffic volume and, as a result, your earnings.

The Traffic Consultancy

is the gateway to Dutch traffic. Looking for online traffic in the Netherlands? Look no further! We have detailed knowledge of the traffic, conversion rates, prices of the main online traffic environments and websites. We will give you the opportunity to benefit from our experiences and network in the Netherlands. Try it and you will find out that our fee is worth it, working with will result in lower campaign costs and better results!